WS 1 Body alignment and use of the body for a healthy dance (all levels)
WS 2 Spirals as a generator of motion and protection of the lower back
and knees. (all levels)
WS 3 Rebotes – Rebounds (int/av)
WS 4 Ganchos. Technique and combinations (int)
WS 5 Boleos (int/av)
WS 6 Soltadas. Combinations. (int/av)
WS 7 Milonga: the possibility of combining fun with good technique (int/av)



Open level:
All levels, from beginner to advanced

945289_10153411756939091_8955448940121317508_nIntermediate: reasonable level of technical understanding of tango and a good repetoire of steps; connection is attained more readily, but still quite difficult to achieve consistently

Advanced: excellent understanding of the technical aspects of tango, technique, and at this level improvisational choreography and connection are major factors.




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