workshops with Martin & Maurizio




WS1 BODY ALIGNMENT and use of the body (All levels)
WS2 SPIRALS as a generator of motion (All levels)
WS3 Backward ENROSQUES – Technique and combinations (Int-Adv)
WS4 DISSOCIATION – Using the active side of dissociation (All levels)
WS5 REBOTES – Rebounds (All levels)
WS6 SUSPENSIONS and creation of ”sustained” (Int-Adv)
WS7 GANCHOS – Technique and combinations (Int-Adv)


Open level: All levels, from beginner to advanced

Intermediate: reasonable level of technical understanding of tango and a good repetoire of steps; connection is attained more readily, but still quite difficult to achieve consistently

Advanced: excellent understanding of the technical aspects of tango, technique, and at this level improvisational choreography and connection are major factors.


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