About Cecilia & Daniel


10644337_997870776968826_4390273645461771339_oCecilia and Daniel met a long time ago in different events around the world and their profound individual experience and qualities made them take the challenge to work together.

They share a genuine interest for the improvisational social tango dance as teachers, social dancers and performers.


Cecilia Piccinni started to dance when she was very little. She did theatre as well as contemporary dance, contact improvisation, jazz, etc. Nowadays she’s intensely focused in Ashtanga yoga. She used to be a resident teacher of the well known Tango Brujo school in Buenos Aires. She has performed in several milongas there and also worked in many workshops and festivals around the world. In the last few years, she toured around Europe, Middle East and the US participating in many festivals and events. In 2016, she’s been vey active in Buenos Aires teaching and performing and she’s nowadays touring around Europe preparing her next tour to the US.
Daniel has been dancing tango for over 20 years and has been teaching all over and around the globe. Daniel has taught in tangofestivals in  He founded Tangokompaniet in Öresund 15 years ago. Daniel has develpoed efficient methods to make people feel their own body, the partners body and excercises to get into the music. It has been said that Daniel has developed a special skill to scan and feel and see the whole posture and connection in a person with just a sensitive touch or a glimpse. Daniel loves teaching and loves dancing tango and the students can feel it inspiring them. Travelling and teaching in 25 countries over 5 continents and building a big tango scene in southern Sweden Daniel has kept himself very busy with tango and enjoys it more and more every year.